Hmm.. wondering if anyone has experience developing a transition presentation effect on a SMIL? (Reference to the Nokia's Series 60 Developer Platform 2nd Edition: SMIL Tutorial And Guidelines for MMS Chapter 5.2)
I failed to get the transition effect as intended on a N6680 or N6630, instead a static SMIL is displayed.

Does anyone know the difference know the difference between a 3gpp and a MMS SMIL? When a 3gpp SMIL packaged & delivered as a MMS, is it known as MMS SMIL which is a smaller subset than a 3gpp SMIL? (and mayb a reason why some features documented on the Developer Guidelines are not supported as mentioned?

Also read from the forum, I also encountered problem where some SMIL autostart to play while the others do not... anyone has any solution to it yet?