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    Receiving SMS from Nokia 6260 using AT commands


    I am developing an application using the Nokia 6260 as a GSM Modem. I request for SMS notification using


    I do not receive SMS messages in the application. Pls, what am I doing wrong? How do I get the application to be able to receive messages from the phone?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Receiving SMS from GSM Modem

    Hi Ghost,
    Kindly help me out if you are through with this question, as even i am facing the same problem.....i have to receive sms in my application but don't know how to proceed...
    thaks in advance

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    Re: Receiving SMS from GSM Modem

    Hey, i am not sure if i got both problems correct, as u didnot mention the way ur app behave but anyay i will assume that u know that well

    first you set the new msg notification on, by the cnmi command, i personally use AT+CNMI=1,1,0,1,1

    then you set your msg format to text mode

    when a msg is received, you should get a clear txt over your serial port with
    +CMTI: "SM", 1
    where "SM" is the SIM memory, it can be ME refering to phone memory

    1 is the index, can be any other number.

    so next you need to issue command to read the msg

    AT+CMGR=1 or any index.

    that's all!
    hope it works fine for u.

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    Re: Receiving SMS from GSM Modem

    How do I set the COM port in hyper terminal?
    I have a 3100i phone and a CA-42 cable connected to my PC. the Nokia PC Suite recognizes the phone and connects to it. I saw in the Connection Manager that the cable is assigned to COM4, yet I cannot open the port COM4 in HyperTerminal - it says "Unable to open COM4. Please check your port settings". I tried all the bps rates, and still nothing. Anybody knows what's the correct setting? or how can I check it? Is it because the Nokia PC Suite is active (I closed the Suite itself and all apps in it, but it's still showing in the task bar).
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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