i would like to write an application wich send sms through an internet gateway

i'm getting started looking to TextMTM project example

as follow the code used to launch the application editor

// generated filename base
const TUid KUidMsvEditorParameterValue = {0x100014AA};

void CTxtMtmEditorOperation::LaunchEditorL()
    // Get the current application process
    CApaProcess* process=CEikonEnv::Static()->Process();
    // Add a new embedded document to the current process with the type of our viewer\editor app
    TFileName buffer = KViewEditAppFileName();
    CEikDocument* document=static_cast<CEikDocument*>(process->AddNewDocumentL(buffer));

    // Put this new document on the cleanup stack
    TApaDocCleanupItem cleanup(process, document);

    // push cleanup
    // Tell the document to initialise

    // Create the editor settings
    TTextMtmEditorParams params;
    if (iMode==EEdit)

    TPckgBuf<TTextMtmEditorParams> package(params);

    // Create a stream store, this could be on disk but here we are using an in-memory store
    CBufStore* store=CBufStore::NewLC(KTxtMtmEditorOpBufStoreSize);      // push store
    RStoreWriteStream outStream;
    TStreamId id=outStream.CreateLC(*store);      // push outStream
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy();      // pop outStream

    // Create a stream dictionary so we can find our parameters
    CStreamDictionary* dic=CStreamDictionary::NewLC();      // push dic
    dic->AssignL(KUidMsvEditorParameterValue, id);
    outStream.CreateLC(*store);      // push outStream
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy();      // pop outstream

    // Tell the document to restore itself from this store
    RStoreReadStream readStream;
    readStream.OpenLC(*store, id);      // push readStream
    document->RestoreL(*store, *dic);
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(3, store);      //  readStream, dic, store
    CleanupStack::Pop(); // cleanup

    iDocument = document;

    // Edit the document, this creates the new appui.  It returns when the
    // edit is complete
    TRAPD(err, iDocument->EditL(this,EFalse));

    // reschedule this Active Object, causing the RunL to be called
    TRequestStatus* stat = &iStatus;
    User::RequestComplete(stat, KErrNone);
i would like to launch the standard sms editor
is smsviewer.app the standard editor used by nokia's mobile ?

i tried to chage _LIT(KViewEditAppFileName,"textmtmview.app")
to _LIT(KViewEditAppFileName,"smsviewer.app") but nothig happened

Any help would be appreciate
Thanks in advance

Stefano Campri