I have a working j2ME Midlet that sends requests to webserver(tomcat) using HTTP connection.

Now I want secure transmission of my request. i.e I want to use HTTPS connector to send request to web server.
I got verisign Free Trail certificate for my webserver. Generated correct .keystore file and configured Tomcat.

Using java WTK I imported the .keystore file into emulator and got my HTTPS connection working through emulator.

I want to make this application work on nokia 6021 or nokia 6600 or nokia 9330.
What I want to know is how do I import my root CA certificate onto handset.

(What I gathered by looking into lot of Nokia posts is that, I don't need signed Midlet to have secure transmission.
I can have normal unsigned midlet and use HTTPS connection to achive secure tranmission. Is that right.)

thanks in advance..