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    FullCanvas to List bug S60

    I am using fullCanvas to display something then i switch to a List, but on S60 phones when you scroll down the list you don't see the list scroll, so the highlighted line goes down without ever scrolling the list itself...
    this happens only on s60 phones

    I know for a fact that it has something to do with fullCanvas because if i don't use fullCanvas it is fine...

    I tried to use Midp 2.0 and use setFitPolicy(Choice.TEXT_WRAP_ON) but
    that didn't help either...

    any ideas...?!!

    I am in desperate in need for a solution to this...


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    Re: FullCanvas to List bug S60

    I had this problem on few S60 devices. I have found out that it happens when displaying a List after displaying Canvas, but not if you display the List after displaying Screen.

    Here is my workaround:
    Right after displaying the List, create and schedule a TimerTask that creates a new List instance (which should look exactly the same as the first List) and displays it. I schedule it for 100ms.

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