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    Question BTDeviceTable Access

    Hi, i'm trying to access the BTDeviceTable on the COmmDB of a Nokia 6630
    to get the last used devices list.
    My application crashes when i open the table. THis is the code is use:

    TBuf<KCommsDbSvrMaxColumnNameLength> devAddr;
    CCommsDatabase* commDB = CCommsDatabase::NewL(ETrue);
    TInt lock = commDB->BeginTransaction();
    CCommsDbTableView* myTableView=NULL;
    //Application CRASHES here !
    TRAPD(openTblErr, myTableView=commDB->OpenTableLC(TPtrC(BT_DEVICE_TABLE)));
    if (openTblErr != KErrNone)
    devAddr.Append(_L("Tabella non trovata"));
    return devAddr;

    Please can someone help me about this? Why opening the table give the crash either on the emulator and the Phone?

    There is another way to read the table different by OpenTableLC?

    Thank you very much in advance for any help

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