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    why can't I install series 60 SDK 3.0 beta

    i installed Active Perl and JRE as needed,but i can't open it after installing
    an there is only one simulator without simulator B in the menu
    i just don't know what has happened
    other members in my group have installed it successfully,only difference between our computer is that my PC is a notebook.
    and i wonder is there any other needed software else
    or is this SDK not matured yet??

    and i can install series 60 SDK 2.0 successfully as well as series 80 SDK in my notebook

    so,please help me.

    merci beaucoup

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    Re: why can't I install series 60 SDK 3.0 beta

    Quote Originally Posted by dengyfudx
    or is this SDK not matured yet??
    Can't help with your problem (it installed fine on my notebook), but it is probably called "beta" and not "final" for some reason. ;)

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