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    Client/Server Problem...Help!!!

    Hi all,
    I am trying to create a Client/Server application.When iwent thru few examples provided in the 90series sdk,i found that the example appln consists of 2 mmp files.one for the server part and another for the client side. (im refering to the example named "clientserversync" in 90Series SDK).But im confused..how to create 2 mmp files in a single appln..Im working in CodeWarrior IDE.Here when i develop a new appln i do get directories put up automatically with one mmp (in the group directory).Pls find some time to post a reply.it wud be really usefull for me.


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    Re: Client/Server Problem...Help!!!


    I use VS.net but the paradigm is probably similar. I've actually been looking at the same example application these past few days but for series60. The client and server are separate projects that contribute to the same solution. They work together. Thus, each project is its own application whether it's a APP, DLL, EXE so each project needs to know particular information, the information in the .mmp files, specific for that project. If you look in the server's mmp file im pretty sure that there is a path to the client's 'inc' folder as the server uses the 'clientservercommon.h'. At least the series60 example is.


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    Re: Client/Server Problem...Help!!!

    This isn't a tools question so I have moved this to the SDK area.

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