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    Question BlueTooth (RFCOMM)

    I should make an exchange on RFCOMM. I move pieces of a code from BTPointToPoint (too on the basis of class CActive). When I call Connect(), WriteMessage(), Disconect() separately through the menu - all works (I transfer from the emulator, I accept on Nokia 6600 same BTPointToPoint). But only it is necessary to start them consistently from one function, works only Connect(). Can somewhere it is necessary put any delays? Help. Any asynhronics it is not necessary. It is necessary to open a socket, to transfer some data (may be accept) and to close. All in one function.

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    Cool Re: BlueTooth (RFCOMM)

    For working with RSocket - you must Open it.
    About Sending, maybe you need to wait some time? before close Socket ??
    //для русских
    Возможно апликухе не хватает времени на выполнение команды Send. Нужно попробовать оттянуть время выполнения команды Close до завершения отправки данных. Причём сделать это корректно...

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