Hi there,

I just wanted to know if the following issue is already listed somewhere in the known issues of the 2.8 SDK.

In order to get a handle to one of the scalable fonts you need to use different typeface names for your TFontSpec on the emulator and on the platform which seems quite annoying to me, e.g.:

#ifdef __WINS__
	_LIT(KSansFont,"Series 60 Sans");
	_LIT(KSansSemiBoldFont,"Series 60 Sans SemiBold");
	_LIT(KSansFont,"Nokia Sans S60");
	_LIT(KSansSemiBoldFont,"Nokia Sans SemiBold S60");
Can somebody confirm that this is already a known issue? Question to Nokia: Will this be fixed in future SDK 2.8 releases?

Thanks for your comments,