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Thread: Symbian LogTool

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    Symbian LogTool

    I've just discovered and tried this tool: LogTool
    LogTool is a simple tick box UI-based utility for Series 60 phones to enable log file/traces for a named component e.g. ETel, MMS, Contacts etc.This tool is shipped with a text file database of the known logging components on a system which can be modified by the user with any text editor.
    It could be very interesting but I can't make it work on my 6630...
    Has anybody got it working?


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    Re: Symbian LogTool

    Hm ... I am trying to get LogTool working for ESock on Nokia 6680. It does not seem to do much too ... if I tick the box for esock a log directory c:\Logs\esock is created ... if then start Web and go to www.nokia.com to load a webpage, it works OK. The socket server should have been used now, but no log show in c:\Logs\esock. Also not after I exited the Web application.

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