I am making a HTTP 1.1 client using the framework provided by the platform. I have following queries:
1. Is there some way I can set the handle of an existing TLS connection in the HTTP Session class/Transaction Class so that HTTP messages are dispatched and received over that connection. Currently the HTTP framework attempts to establish a TLS connection when the outgoing request is submitted for transmission. The need for this behavior is because of following two reasons:
(a). I am not sure of persistent connection handling in the framework. Does it close the TLS connection after completion of each transaction or it maintains it for some time so that the next outgoing request transaction will use the same connection?
(b). I am not able to set up a TLS connection through the HTTP framework ( described below)

2. When I submit a HTTP Get Request, the TLS connection establishment fails in the Handshake process. The HTTP client sends a closure alert. I am not bale to figure out the reason for that. I am using Apache 2.0 server as peer. Same server and it's certificate-key set works when I use the example code provided for TLS connection establishment.

Any pointers on above will be greatly appreciated.
Aashish Suchdev