Hello everybody.

I have implemented a program consisted of two Java classes(J2ME API using NetBeans 4.1 and J2ME Wireless Toolkit version 2.2 + patch)

I notice a different behaviour between Nokia 6600(this mobile does support MIDP 1.0- CLDC 1.1) and Nokia 6230 (supports MIDP 2.0- CLDC 1.0).

My jar file is consisted of two java classes. One class just call the instance of the second java class.

I downloaded onto the Nokia 6230 and works properly as in the emulator.
Unfortunately, it does not run properly in Nokia 6600.
At first I can see the Form and the Alert(I just did on purpose) but when I call the the instance of the second class(via a SCREEN button called "Run"),
it stucks.

How can I update the Nokia 660 with MIDP 2.0?
Is it the reason that Nokia 6600 does not run this program properly?

I really appreciate any help.