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    Hiding/Masking dialed number


    I have a program that automatically initiates an outgoing call, however we'd
    like to hide the number that is being dialed from the user. We attempted to
    automatically create a phone book entry, renaming the number to text, and
    hiding that phone book entry, in hopes this would solve the problem, however
    the phone application still displays the number for about 2 seconds while
    dialing, before changing over to the text.

    Anyone know of a better method?



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    Re: Hiding/Masking dialed number

    Why are you attempting to hide the number? If you have some kind of security scheme that depends on the number remaining secret, then it might be best to rethink the approach.

    Also, can't the user call the local phone company (operator) and ask for a list of numbers his/her phone has been calling and get the number that way, too?

    And I'm sure there are also other ways for a determined user to find out what numbers the phone is calling whether you like them to do so or not.

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    Re: Hiding/Masking dialed number

    Unfotunately it's a client requirement for a corporate type application. I don't even really understand the logic behind wanting it.



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