I am developing an application to implement OBEX over USB. The OBEX Server is on the Symbian Device and the Client on the PC Side. I have a couple of queries, can anyone help me on this?

1) I had set the iInterfaceStringDescriptor parameter of TObexUsbProtocolInfo to “IrDa:OBEX” and tried establishing a connection between the PC and the device using the Nokia PC Suite. As soon as I connect the mobile with the PC using a Cable, i am getting an "Transport Up" indication from MObexServerNotify and an "Transport Down" indication immediately in the device. I have no clue why the transport is going down immediately.

2) Earlier, I had set iInterfaceStringDescriptor as “OBEX” and when I tried to establish a connection, I did not get any Transport Up or Down indication. But after changing it to “IrDa:OBEX” I was able to get the Transport Up and Down indication. Is this an indication that, my Server has become the default Server?