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    Problem with CTelephony class


    I'm developing a Symbian C++ application to my nokia 3650. I want to send DTMF tones so that I use this function that belongs to etel3rdparty.h

    iTelephony->SendDTMFTones(iStatus, KTones);

    But when I try to run my application into the mobile phone this warning appears: system error!

    I'm sure this error is caused by CTelephony class because if I erase this class my application runs well.

    why can't I use this class in nokia 3650?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Problem with CTelephony class

    because this class is not defined for OS 6.1 phones, maybe ?


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    Re: Problem with CTelephony class

    Ok, thanks

    Do you know anyway to send DTMF in nokia series 60 mobiles????

    I've used etelmm.h (sdk UIQ 2.1) but I don't get anything...

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