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    Why ALL series 60 have same problem, when default ringtone rings instead of custom as

    Hello. I want to ask about one, simple problem. Say, I have assigned to a friend some tune, even from ones, that came with phone. When he rings me in, the default melody rings, instead of one I've assigned.

    I've tested following models: Nokia 3650/3660/6600/7610/6630/6680/N70/N90/Siemens SX1/Sendo X.

    Every model has same problem.

    I've researched more and found that, this problem is related to:

    1. CPU Load. Much load causes more chances to default tune be played.
    2. Tune location (Only in case of nokia) Locating it on C disk gives less chances that default tune will be played.
    3. Operator. May be sound amazing, but same phone, in same physical location, misses over 20% plays on one operator, and over 50% on another.

    Following issues have no efect on this problem.

    1. Melody type. Problem is on any kind of melody, mp3, mmf, midi, wav...
    2. File size. Problem occurs on 1K and on 100K files, too.

    This is not a problem that only I experience. A lot of users from whole world have this problem. I've posted this topic year ago at forum.nokia.com, but no one answered.

    Anyone has any right idea for answer? (despite, update sw, your file is bad, and such lame answers)

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    Re: Why ALL series 60 have same problem, when default ringtone rings instead of custom as

    I have the exact same problem, its driving me crazy!

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