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    Selecting BT Device pairing


    my question is if there is a solution to select automaticlly a paired bluetooth device!
    i have an appli whithc connect to gps bt receiver and i want to disable message asking user to select bt device!!
    i want to some thing as automatic selection of IAP.

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    Re: Selecting BT Device pairing

    I think the Commdb features a table storing bluetooth addresses of some devices (look for BTDeviceTable). I'm not sure whether these are the last devices that answered an inquiry or that were paired to the phone though. Otherwise you can still have the user pick the BT GPS once & then have it stored persistently (I suppose you're developping the GPS-client app).


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    Re: Selecting BT Device pairing

    That would be the way I would think - have the user select the device the first time, then store the name. Next time you run the program, if you have a name, discover the devices programmatically and connect to the one with the matching name. Remember that you need to deal with the device being changed, so if it repeatedly doesn't find the device offer the option to select from the list again.

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