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    Sending XML file from server to mobile

    Hi all,

    I have created a jsp file which does some operations and creates an xml file.
    When this jsp is called from mobile application, the jsp file runs and creates a xml file in runtime. This xml file is needed to be sent back to mobile application.

    How shall i do this?
    I am able to read xml file from server. Shall i do like that?

    shall i send the xml file to the mobile? how to do that?

    plsss...give me your suggestions...
    Urgent pls...

    Thanks in advance...

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    Question Re: Sending XML file from server to mobile

    What do you mean by that the jsp is called from the mobile?

    HTTP GET or HTTP POST ? Both ways allow you to send data back from a request (the mobile makes the request, so you do not need to have the server initiate a connection (which is all but impossible since the mobile does not have an IP in normal cases)).

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