I coded a program which realizes an event notification. Now a sniffed with ethereal and recognized a false behaviour of the SIP stack. The problem is with the route set.

I receive a Subscribe message and answer with 200 OK. Now I want to send a Notify message and generate a new Sip ClientConnection with
In the javadoc is written that some headers are generated automatic, like CSeq, CallID, Via, Contact etc. and Route. Route only if a Record-Route header was present at the initial request (Subscribe).
In words at the javadoc:
Route // if the dialog route is not empty
So, my problem is first, that the headers Route are not generated automatic and that the message is sent directly to the other peer without passing all proxies which entered their IP at the Record-Route header.

I can add the route headers after generating the SipClientConnection, but I can not configure the SipClientConnection, that the packet has to go to the first Route entry! So what do I wrong? Is their any additional configuration option which I missed? Did I misunderstood the javadoc? Or is this behaviour wrong?

(Setting the Request URI to the first entr in the route set sends the packet to the first proxy, but will return a 404!)

THX, for help