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    Creating .dcf file on NMIT, but cant get ROAP.


    I am trying to validate my OMA DRM code that,
    * extracts/parses the ROAP response & .dcf file
    * unwrapping the CEK key
    * content decryption using AES128CBC decrypt w/CEK key

    using this link as my guide: http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,,1_41_50,00.html

    So I am using Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit (NMIT) to generate Encrypted Content and the ROAP response.

    Using NMIT:
    I can encrypt a small picture using automatically created content encryption key {CEK} by NMIT and it will spit out the .dcf file.

    now: I need to be able to generate a ROAP response which contains the wrapped content encryption key {CEK} and I need to be able to pass my public key to do this. etc.

    I was wondering if anybody on this forum know any solution or could guide me on this..

    I installed the SDK prototype but NMIT does not recognize it by saying ( NO SDKs are installed) on the main menu.

    I would appreciate all help... thank you.
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