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    NMIT not seeing SDK running.

    Hi All, i am a newbie in this field.. I would appreciate all of your help.

    I have downloaded NMIT4.1 & "Nokia Prototype SDK 4.0 Beta for JME(TM)" ... I am trying to create a sample dcf file & ROAP message... I crate the encrypted content (dcf) file successfully but the NMIT does not see the SDK running or when I click on 'push Rights' .. it says below message:
    'No SDK's are currently running. You must start at least one SDK before you can load/push content"

    How do I configure NMIT so that It sees SDK running at the background.. i clicked on the 'Run environment' but no help..

    My all intention is to be able to create a dcf file and ROAP response using NMIT, and thinking sdk will help with it...

    Thank you.

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    Re: NMIT not seeing SDK running.

    I am not sure if the Prototype SDK supports DRM. Also prototype SDK is for MIDP, so that is the reason it does not show in NMIT. But you could certainly create/save DRM files with NMIT, and then do File-Open from any of the supported SDK instances.

    Of course, there are recent SDKs like S40 SDK 6230i edition, S40 3rd Edition SDK which are seen by NMIT and also support DRM content.


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