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    Emulator on W2003 Server

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone of you tried to run the SDK 2.1 emulator on W2003 server?? I am not able to do it properly: the emulator freezes while displaying the startup white screen. Any help on this would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Emulator on W2003 Server

    FWIW, I've heard and seen a bunch of other apps fail on W2003 Server, too. Apps that are developer for Win2K or WinXP & generally fairly demanding desktop/workstation applications intended for interactive use.

    I don't know how W2003 Server is different from Win2K/WinXP, but obviously it is (based on this empirical/anecdotal evidence).

    I doubt that the SDK/tools are developed or tested on W2003 Server & I doubt it is a priority either for troubleshooting/defect handling. It doesn't mean you can't get it to work, but you shouldn't be too surprised if it doesn't.

    I'm not using W2003 Server, so I don't know if it has some sort of "compatibility mode", or something that'll help. I also don't know what kind of Windows debugging tools would help narrowing down why this or other apps fail on W2003 Server. You could ask in Microsoft's own discussion groups.

    If you absolutely need to run W2003 Server as a development/desktop system, and can't get it to work, consider also trying to run the SDK in a Win2K or WinXP virtual machine (using Microsoft's tool for that - don't remember its name -, or VMware, for example).

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    Re: Emulator on W2003 Server

    Thanks petrib,

    I have tried the "compatibily mode" in the properties of the epoc.exe file but it doesn't seem to work. Nevertheless I will try this virtual machine stuff.

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