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    MMS SMIL Presentation


    I have come across a problem presenting MMS messages correctly. I have a SMIL dokument that describes the presentation, and it is shown correctly on a Nokia 3650, but not on a Nokia N70 or Nokia 6630. On these latter models I get a "Choose objects from a list to play them" message, instead of the presentation starting.

    Each object I send (text, image and audio) are received, and can play as seperate objects. I suspect that this has something to do with the SMIL document, but with several retries and modifications, I still cant get it to play correctly... except on the Nokia 3650.

    If anyone has any clue to what can be wrong, wether it is SMIL document changes, or phone settings, please let me know. Here is the SMIL object I'm using:

    <root-layout backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" background-color="#FFFFFF" height="120px" width="160px" />
    <region id="Image" top="0" left="0" height="50%" width="100%" fit="meet" />
    <region id="Text" top="50%" left="0" height="50%" width="100%" fit="meet" />
    <par dur="3000ms">
    <img src="image1.jpg" region="Image" />
    <par dur="25000ms">
    <text src="text1.txt" region="Text">
    <param foreground-color="#000000" />
    <img src="image2.jpg" region="Image" />
    <audio src="audio2.amr" />

    Morten Nyhaug

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    Re: MMS SMIL Presentation

    Hi Nyhaug,

    Try to remove line <param foreground-color="#000000" />. Because in SMIL dtd i haven't found attribute "foreground-color"

    Also the line <root-layout backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" background-color="#FFFFFF" height="120px" width="160px" /> is incorrect. remove attribute "backgroundcolor". This is incorrect instead use <root-layout background-color="#FFFFFF" height="120px" width="160px" />

    I haven't tested these changes.

    Let me know what is the result.

    Abhishek Pandey

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