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    Socket connection on N90


    I made an app which have to open a client TCP connection to a server.

    It works just fine on the 3230 and every emulator I could test but Connector.open( "socket://myserverort" ) will always throw a java.lang.SecurityException on N90.

    I went through all the trouble creating my own CA, installing the CA certificate on the phone and signing my app but it does not work any better.
    When I installed the certificate and the app, the phone wanted to check certificate validity and I said no.

    Is there no way of running that home-made app on N90 ?
    Did I miss something ?

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    Re: Socket connection on N90

    OK, that was my misunderstanding with the installer not saying anything about the fact that it failed. I was still launching the old unsigned version of my app.

    Now I got it working by deactivating online certificate checking in the application manager.

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