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    Question Status Report Problem

    I am using Symbian OS 7.0. I create an sms in raw pdu format and send it out the radio interface with the status report bit set. If I send from a non-symbian phone I get the status report back. If I send from my Symbian phone, I do not get my status report back. However if I send using the messaging app I get a status report. I am assuming since I do not use the mtm I am not getting the status report. I noticed you can create a gsm pdu from a pdu using TGsmSms with the setPDU method or create one using the CSmsSubmit class. Once I have created one of these objects how do I use the mtm to create it in the message store and send it out. All the examples I have seen just set body and destination phone using a TMsvEntry. Please Help.

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    Re: Status Report Problem

    I am trying to write some code to send this using the client mtm, but cannot figure out how to send the message, please help !!!!

    TGsmSms *tgsm = new TGsmSms();
    RFs fileSession;
    CSmsBufferBase *aBuffer = CSmsBuffer::NewL();


    CSmsClientMtm* smsMtm = static_cast<CSmsClientMtm*>(iMtm);

    CSmsHeader& header = smsMtm->SmsHeader();
    CSmsSettings& serviceSettings = smsMtm->ServiceSettings();

    CSmsSettings* sendOptions = CSmsSettings::NewL();

    CSmsMessage* smsMsg = CSmsMessage::NewL(fileSession, tgsm, aBuffer);
    CSmsHeader* smsHdr = CSmsHeader::NewL(smsMsg);

    // set some set

    // put in header

    // save settings to message store
    CMsvEntry& entry = iMtm->Entry();

    // send it out


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    Re: Status Report Problem

    hi, the hereinafter code may be help you:

    RSocketServ sockServ;
    RSocket socket;
    User::LeaveIfError(socket.Open(sockServ, KSMSAddrFamily, KSockDatagram, KSMSDatagramProtocol));
    RSmsSocketWriteStream writestream(socket);
    writestream << *cSmsMessage; // this can Leave!

    TRequestStatus status;
    TPckgBuf<TUint> sendBuffer;
    socket.Ioctl(KIoctlSendSmsMessage, status, &sendBuffer, KSolSmsProv);

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