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    component class creation, your opinion wanted

    Hello there,

    If you've done a number of projects on Symbian OS, you've probably ended up developing some application components a number of times (for example, bluetooth discovery, a basic tcp socket connection, a picture/bitmap loading component, SMS sending).

    If it was possible to simply drag-and-drop such a component into your project, and have all the component classes created for you, which components would you like to see?
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    Re: component class creation, your opinion wanted

    yep, would be quite great. Basically now I'm copying the cpp & h files to project folders and then adding the file to the mmp. So automating it would sound quite easy and I think it would make it a bit easier and faster as well.


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    Smile Re: component class creation, your opinion wanted

    Altho I have created the components on my own, if Nokia would want to help other developers who have less experience, I would like to see the ff wrapper/component classes created:

    1. Basic socket udp/tcp
    Aside from reading and writing to the socket, I think that adding a BeginListening( address ) and a way to get your local IP address would be good additional func.

    2. Bitmap loading classes

    3. Wrapper classes for the Open GL ES
    The Open GL ES lib still seems too low level compared to other Symbian API.

    Hope these suggestions help.

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