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    C base rtp stack synchronization problem with cmdaaudiooutputstream

    I hope u help me
    I used C base rtp stack and it works fine. I tested it.
    But when I want to use this stack with audio output streaming,
    I encountered several problems.

    1-) In Symbian architecture Network based programing depends on
    active objects( RSocket). But in C code there is no structure runs
    like active object. I added following code segment in my code to exceed
    this problem:
    iRtp->ReceiveL(iBuf); // this used recvfrom method of stantard C.
    User::After(10000); // my every sound packet 20 msec
    TRequestStatus *status = &iStatus;
    User::RequestComplete(status, KErrNone);
    But this didnt work well.
    I changed priorty and similar things but result was same.

    2-) I tried to create a new thread for my rtp stack. But when I call
    iRtp->ReceiveL(iBuf) it crashed, even if I created its own cactivescheduler
    and cleanup stack.

    3-) When step 2 also failed, I tried a new thread for my audio output streaming. But it also failed when I called
    in my thread function.

    As result, is this best way to use active object (RSocket) for networking?
    Is there anyway to implement networking part of the program
    without using active objects?
    And can anyone give me a solution for my problem?

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    Re: C base rtp stack synchronization problem with cmdaaudiooutputstream

    I solved my problem

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