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    series 60 SDK 2.0

    hi there people

    am planning to build an application for 6600 that accesses the contacts ...
    ok now i have a question ...
    when i access the \symbaian\7.0s\series60_v2.0\epoc32\releases\arm4 or thum the udeb directory is empty .....
    so i can't debug uisn any of them ...??? woud this effect my application ..?
    as i understood from the getting started articles, debuging using thum or arm is what we need to make sure it will run on the mobile ..???

    am new to symbain and it is taking me long to get familier with it .... i'll be really thankful if u help me and and give me the right start..
    thanx in advance

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    Re: series 60 SDK 2.0

    "armi" and "thumb" are compilations for the device/harware.

    Look into the "wins"/"udeb" directory to find the emulator
    files for debugging on your PC.


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