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    Local bluetooth device


    Is it possible to create "virtual" "local bluetooth device", which
    points in bluetooth service running on local device?

    In practise this device would for example simulate GPS receiver, but
    instead of pointing in real H/W, it points into service on
    local device outputting NMEA string..?

    In theory it could be possible with:

    - Create bluetooth service and get it's TBTDevAddr

    Then register it into CCommsDatabaseBase:

    CCommsDatabase * db = CCommsDatabase::NewL( ETrue );
    CCommsDbTableView * view1 = db->OpenTableLC( TPtrC( BT_DEVICE_TABLE ) );
    view1->WriteTextL(TPtrC(BT_DEV_FRIENDLY_NAME), _L("Virtual GPS"));
    view1->WriteTextL(TPtrC(BT_DEV_ADD), addr); // insert here the TBTDevAddr acquired before!
    view1->WriteUintL(TPtrC(BT_DEV_STATE), (TUint32) 923);



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    Re: Local bluetooth device

    did you succeed with that? I also want to simulate BT GPS receiver..

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