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    Where are SMS stored on normal MMC cards?

    Hi all,

    If I choose to save all my contacts and SMS messages etc. on my Nokia 6630s MMC card as opposed to internal memory where abouts will it be stored? If I analyse the MMC card file system on my laptop as a removable drive I get the following directories:

    muvee clips

    but I can't seem to find anywhere that looks like it could be storage for SMS messages / phone book contacts etc.

    Any suggestions here would be great,


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    Re: Where are SMS stored on normal MMC cards?

    sms folder is /System/mail , but the files there's are not in a readable format . u can get sure of that by sending a photo (ie test.jpg) to ur phone

    now open SeleQ , go to e:/system/mail and search in each folder , u will find ur test.jpg somewhere there

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