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    cookie management


    is there any documenttion on the usage of cookies under Symbian ? The SDK documentation does not give any hint, nor browsing thru the include files. The only reference to cookies can be found in http/mhttpfilter.h but it is not of great help.
    Any suggestion ?

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    Re: cookie management

    That's probably because cookie handling/management is a browser application level thing, not an OS level thing.

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    Re: cookie management

    This really depends on where you wanna draw the OS/Application line... As an example the CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlgis class is definetely an application related thing but as a matter of fact it is in the Symbian API.

    So, put it another way, where is the documentation of the "HTTP state management (i.e. cookies)" so proudly advertised at page 23 of this:


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