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Thread: hal.h not found

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    hal.h not found

    Hi everybody.

    When I try to compile an 3D Engine sample project on my PC, it crashes with an error. It says that It can't find the hal.h and hal.lib . I've all SDK's installed and I'm using Metrowerks Codewarrior for Symbian OS.

    Could anybody tell me where to find these files?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: hal.h not found

    If you have "all SDK's" installed (whatever that means), you should find hal.h under .\Epoc32\include and hal.lib under .\Epoc32\release\armi\urel and .\Epoc32\release\thumb\urel when the target for compilation is the phone (for ARMI and THUMB instruction sets) and, e.g., under .\Epoc32\release\winscw\udeb when the target is the emulator (and using CodeWarrior).

    This with the S60 2nd Ed. FP2 SDK (as I don't have "all SDK's" installed, but just this one and the 3.0 beta).

    So, which SDK's, exactly, have you installed? Which one of all those you have installed are you using (did you specify) for your project?

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    Re: hal.h not found

    sorry for my bad verbalisation, I'm a bit noob in the symbian stuff, so I've to learn a lot :)

    under 'all SDK's' i actually meant the Nokia S60_3rd_Beta :))

    I searched for hal.h in the include folder, but I found just the e32hal.hal file.

    If i search the .\Epoc32\release\ folder I find just the hal.dll, i can't find the lib...

    Could you probably send me the hal.h and hal.lib? thanks

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