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    Operator and Manufacture Certificate

    Hello fellow J2ME developers,

    I have a fundamental question about the security domain and digital signing. Is it possible for a 3rd party developer to get their MIDlet signed in the Operator and/or Manufacture domain? The digital code signing ID places the MIDlet into trusted 3rd party domain but this only surpass the security question during installation. Not the question for accessing Messaging or Network APIs. I want to get our MIDlet signed so that it can have access to the Operator/Manufacture APIs without user’s interaction, any thoughts? Thanks!

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    Re: Operator and Manufacture Certificate

    Manufacturer signing is only for manufacturer's own software, or subcontracted by the manufacturer, for inclusion on the device, or for distribution through the manufacturer's own delivery channels (e.g., their product/support site, or such).

    For operator signing, you have to ask the operator(s) in question. Unlikely, however, for just anybody to get (except software developed or subcontracted by the operator, and which they decide to distribute through their channels).

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