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    S60 3rd edition woes!!

    I am having a tough time fighting the demons of OS v9 and Series 60 sdk
    3rd edition.And on that the emulator is so slow.
    I have been able to compile the HelloWorld and migrated one of the
    polyorphic dll's from OSv7 to OSv9.
    But now when the emulator loads it shows the main menu and then closes
    without any user intervention!
    How to fix this one???

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    Post Re: S60 3rd edition woes!!


    Here are some remarks that can help you solve your problem:

    By default Code Warrior will run your application or binary straight away so you don't have to make your way to the program list and start your application manually. The drawback of this is that if your application crashes then the emulator is stopped as well and that gives you the impression that the emulator crashes and it has nothing to do with you... That may not be the case.

    So in Code Warrior you can change in the runtime settings what is launched upon debug (Alt+F7 -> Target -> Runtime Settings).

    Also you can check the epocwind.out file located into C:\Documents and Settings\yourloginname\Local Settings\Temp. This file is the trace output of the emulator.

    This is it, you have all the tricks I know to solve 3rd edition problems ;o)

    Good luck


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    Re: S60 3rd edition woes!!

    Hi GreG,
    I am also facing the same problem as Mayur does!
    I tried the trik you have given (changing the runtime path) but still it does not show any in-built applications! and neither the one I created by porting!
    If possible can you pls post a 'Hello World!' kind of sample program so that it would help me to figure out my mistake while porting my sample app to 3rd edition.


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