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    Certificate checking online

    I have a midlet signed by Verisign, and have tried a few 6630 phones where the root certificate is installed and trusted for java-programs. However, one of these was setup to check the validity of certificates online (Tools -> Program manager -> Menu ->Settings -> Control of cert. online -> On). When this device downloads the midlet, it also makes a connection somewhere to control the certificate. This control fails, saying something like "The certificate has been revoked". I do not know if it means our certificate or the Verisign root CA. My questions are these :
    1. What is the default setting for online control?
    2. Where does the phone connect to control the certificate (defined by nokia or my operator) ?

    Thanks in advance
    [Edited later : ] My second question was stupid, there is a setting at the same place where I can set this adress manually. However, I am still wondering about question 1.
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