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    Unhappy preverification error ??

    gettting preverification error in Sun Mobility 2004Q3 :

    java.lang.Sring - floating point arguments not allowed.

    checked out the CLDC1.0 spec and this makes sense but I'm not using any floating point arguments in my code at all.

    Mobility makes a midlet suite without problems if its configured for CLDC1.1 - but I need to ensure it runs on 1.0 devices as well. All I get is the above error with no indication of which line in the program is causing preverification to fail ( compilation stage finishes ok ).

    Anybody seen this before / got any ideas, Thanks Steve.

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    Re: preverification error ??

    Found it!, turned out to be a known WTK bug - fixed some time ago, if only I remembered to check for software updates as often as I remember to back up !

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