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    Java SMS sending from Midlet

    I feel like looking for the easiest way asking here, but i've spent more than 5 hours looking for a solution. The problem is:

    I'm trying to write the most simpliest applet to send sms directly from phone, just like normal ui. The only difference would be the ability to send class 0 sms, which i've read about a lot so it won't be any problem

    THE problem is i can't find ANY information about HOW TO send an sms from applet - java forum has a thread with 8 pages of begging for sample code :/

    Can anyone help me and give any links to tutorials? Sample code of such applet would also do...

    Maybe it's a stupid question but i've never tried such thing before, and i guess it's high time for me to learn somenthing

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    Re: Java SMS sending from Midlet

    Do you want to send an SMS message from a MIDlet or an Applet??

    What is a "class 0 sms"??

    Viru Doshi
    ~ No Style Without Substance ~

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