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    Smile Sending Data Issues

    Hello Guys,

    Though I am quite exprienced Standart Java programmer I am very new to J2ME and cellular programming. I am so new I don't even know where to find my answers :-)
    I have this tiny question I believe anyone can answer, I MUST build a MIDlet that will send out string ouput to a server. My first choice was MMS but I understand there are only few handsets support the required API. My second choice was SMS and it works great.

    The only problem I have to get it work on older phones which don't support WMA api. Can phones with no WMA api can send data over WAP\GPRS connection?

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    Re: Sending Data Issues

    You can just build a server-side application such as a servlet, a php or perl script, and have your midlet send data to it using an HttpConnection. Just that easy


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    Re: Sending Data Issues

    Thanks a lot Daniel...
    Thats was exactly what I did!

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