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    Question Nokia for the older population

    My older Uncle and Mom both would like to get a cell phone they could operate with ease. Almost all cell phones are small in size and has, from an older population standpoint, very small and complicated buttons and symbols, which makes it difficult for the elderly to use. About 1/2 of my uncle,s calls ends up at the wrong party. ( Aproximate numbers does not bring you to your party).
    Could somebody recomend me a Nokia or other brand GSM 900 & 1800 cell phone with very simple operations, good size buttons and symbols well apart, and at least 12+ cm long.

    Many thanks!


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    Re: Nokia for the older population

    Quote Originally Posted by houstonflyer
    and at least 12+ cm long.
    I doubt nokia would ever release a phone that size (discounting the communicators).

    have you had a look at the 6030? That has buttons you can dial with your elbow.

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    Re: Nokia for the older population

    It is about time that we start a total rethink about phone.

    I use a phone as a phone and so does everybody around me. We are talking about the 50plus population. We are told we are a big market and getting bigger.

    Phones are too small
    The screen is too small
    The bottons are too small

    I cannot read the screen even with my glasses. Older phones had a better readabilty actually.

    I do not need any feature except the following:
    Bigger lighter phone with lots of lights (so I can find it in my purse easily)
    Bigger buttons
    Bigger screen
    An easy device with a socket for recharging. The present plug is not user friendly.

    I do not send SMS! I have 10 numbers in the memory.

    This phone would meet 90% of the need of older people. My mother 78 would like a phone but cannot handle what is available at the moment.

    It is not a question of money our generation has money.

    I need a phone for my mother that has a preselected number of big names and a big botton for call end a big one for end call. She needs a phone easy to hold with her artritic hands so not strait but like a coke bottle. Light and chearful.

    I am ready to work with any test group at Nokia.

    Cannot be that difficult

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    Re: Nokia for the older population

    I hereby add my request earlier asked.
    Could not agree more. We need some "better" phones for just that. Telephoning...

    "Has anybody thought of making a simple, easy-to-use mobile phone specially designed for the elderly people?

    I came to think of this because of my father who has troubles using one of the "modern" mobiles because of the very small buttons and all those "very smart" multi-function devices which is very difficult to access (even for a person like myself @ 50+ age). Also - probably because of the small design - these phones ringing-tones are too high in frequenzy, so he can not hear them - not even wearing his hearing-aid.

    My suggestion is something like the older, larger versions with simple, large "one-function" buttons, a large, easy-to-read display (may even be monochromatic), a powerful, mid-range ringing sound and not so many fancy gadgets (MP3, TV, FM-radio, camera and such) which is simply not nessescary. Only thing needed would be a very simple-to-use phone-book, holding 20-50 numbers.

    I have seen a computer to use in conjunction with a modern mobile phone, but this is mostly for the very severely handicapped and can be sat up for use by the tongue or elbow or even voice-controlled, but this is much over the target. This device is also a very expensive solution, and definetely not needed in my fathers situation.

    I am sure hundreds of thousands of elderly users over the world - in the same sutiation as my father - would welcome such a simple apparatus.

    Well - if not, here is the idea for somebody to grab. It shall be MOST welcomed."

    Leif K, Denmark

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