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    Sending SMS with Nokia 3100

    Hi pals.
    I´m developing an equipment that use the comm. port to send SMSs.
    I´m trying to send SMS´s using the PC Cable through my Nokia 3100 using Hyperterminal.
    I tried to use the extended AT commands but in fact I had only response using ATI (Nokia OK). The other commands replies ERROR.
    Is it possible to use AT commands with this model ? In the negative case, How can i send SMS using a PC?
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Sending SMS with Nokia 3100

    Hi Billy,
    I am Rajender Pasricha, I am trying to connect to comm port using Connector.open("comm:com0;arguments"). When I run programme, a message" Protocol Not supported is generated", and this message is generated only when I run this programme under series 40 emulator but not when I use J2ME wireless toolkit emulator.

    I read a thread by you, in which i found perhaps you are able to connect to comm port, so if you know what cud be a problem, please help me out.

    Your help wouild be highly appritiated.

    Rajender Pasricha

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