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    Wink IRC channel for Symbian Developers

    Have you guys ever happen to use IRC's? If not then I found to IRC channels are available on the net for Symbian Developers.

    Following are those two channels:

    • #symbian [irc.freenode.net]
    • #symbian.dev [irc.efnet.net]

    The first one I found from the NewLC site only. I happen to see savaaZ's signature from his profile. In that he has given the details of the IRC.

    Another one I found from this Symbian News Letter. That's an old newsletter, even though I have seen that today only. You can find more details on how to configure (#symbian.dev - 1-2-3 Quickstart Guide) from here.

    I think most of us are not making use of this channels. I found only very few fellows are online on both these channels.

    Better you people could also use eighter or both of this channels, then it would be better for us to communicate much more faster.

    I'm expecting more members online.
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