Command line compile with GCCE succeeds and a working SIS file can be produced. However, GCCE compile with CodeWarrior 3.1 does not seem to work so fine.

I'm using cw_project_template_v4.xml shipped with S60 3.0 Beta SDK to import mmp-files to Codewarrior. The problem is, that all the .lib files (STATICLIBRARY in mmp) in the project producing and EXE are linked as .dso like they were dlls. Such files do not exist and therefore linking fails.

Since GCCE command line build produces no .dso files for lib and succeeds, it seems that .dso files should not be needed for libs. I'm assuming there's a problem in the project template - does anyone have solution or is there any other way than the project template to make the building work?

I'm trying to get the TRK debugging work so compiling only with command line is not an option.