I'm looking for the nokia mobile internet toolkit and mobile emulators for Macintosh Computers urgently. But there is no hope to find anything like this on the NOKIA site nor in the web. Only a small plug in for GoLive (Adobe) is available, that's very little!
Is there anything for Mac outthere? Developing tools for Macintosh Users are urgently required, because WAP should be programmed from Designers too and in the majority they use Macintosh Computers!!!
Or: Is there any solution in programming and viewing in a Mac emulator yet?
Thanks for your answer

Romeo Grnfelder

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Mac (OS X) WAP Tools 0 08/14/02 01:58PM
I'm looking for a good WAP toolkit for the Mac. I'm surprised that Nokia's Toolkit, which requires Java/appears
written in Java, is nonetheless only usable on a Windows PC. Can anyone help me?