Good day.
I tried sending large UDP packets (by broadcasting and multicasting) from WiFi access point to Nokia 9500. MTU size for packets on server side is 1500. When I send packets with size less then 512 bytes of data (excluding the header), they are received normally. But when I send larger packets (513+ bytes excluding header), only first 512 bytes are received. I receive large packets (up to MTU in size) normally with Palm and Pocket PC devices.
Here's the code I use in my MIDP2.0 midlet to receive datagrams:

PHP Code:
DatagramConnection myConnection = (DatagramConnection)"datagram://:"+port);
int myMaxDatagramLength getMaxPacketSize(); // Nokia says like 65500 here
byte[] buffer = new byte[myMaxDatagramLength];
Datagram rcvDatagram myConnection.newDatagram(buffermyMaxDatagramLength);
Is this a device (9500) limitation, MIDP (2.0) limitation, or OS (4.44) limitation? Could this problem be solved?

Thanks in advance.