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    Unhappy writing datachunk

    im writing datachunk to the file inthe following code,it correctly writes file to C:.But program gives me error e32base -cbase 31 error what does it mean

    one more query after tried to write a wav file but now it gives me error -191
    after this my program also not to the txt file giving same error -191

    // Get the body data supplier
    MHTTPDataSupplier* body = aTransaction.Response().Body();
    TPtrC8 dataChunk;

    // GetNextDataPart() returns ETrue, if the received part is the last
    // one.
    TBool isLast = body->GetNextDataPart(dataChunk);
    RFs aFs;

    _LIT(KStreamName, "C:\\Stream.txt");

    //Delete old file
    // Open a file write stream
    RFileWriteStream fWrite;
    User::LeaveIfError(fWrite.Create(aFs, KStreamName, EFileWrite));

    // Write to the stream and commit it


    TBuf<64> text;
    _LIT(KBodyPartReceived, "%d bytes received... ");
    text.Format(KBodyPartReceived, dataChunk.Length());

    // NOTE: isLast may not be ETrue even if last data part received.
    // (e.g. multipart response without content length field)
    // Use EResponseComplete to reliably determine when body is completely
    // received.
    if (isLast)
    _LIT(KBodyReceived,"Body received");

    // Always remember to release the body data.

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    Re: writing datachunk

    Are you sure that the CBase error code is 31? The documentation doesn't seem to mention that, jumping from 30 to 33. It would help to know exactly what's happening in your program when you get that.

    The -191 error is easier to find, that seems to be "KErrHostUnreach -191 Could not connect to the specified server " according to the excellent guide at www.newlc.com. Again, knowing exactly where it is giving this message would be useful.

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