I'm write a BT program communication with my PC, the RFCOMM protocol is used. Because I wan't to transfer some images from my phone to the PC, so I think I will allocate a big buffer(about 176*208*2) to hold the images' data to send.But when I try the BBufC8:NewLC() and the User:AllocLC(), all failed, the program exit when runs there.
So I have 3 questions to consult here:
1. Usually, what the max length of memory I can allocated on the heap in Symbian C++?
2. How about the max length of packet length(or the MTU) on RFCOMM protocol. I want know about this because if it less than my images size, I will cut my image to some pieces to send seperately.
2. Can any other solutions( such as OBEX protocol) can solve my problem?

Much thanks in advance!