Hi all,
i was trying to create a Socket server.i build a EXE file, but when Executing it i get the Link error which says,

Errors caused tool to abort.

Link Error : Undefined symbol: 'void _E32Startup(void) (?_E32Startup@@YGXXZ)' in module entry point

Link Error : Link failed

and the code startup code is as follows:

#ifdef __WINSCW__

IMPORT_C TInt WinsMain();
EXPORT_C TInt WinsMain()

return reinterpret_cast<TInt>(&CSocketServer::ThreadFunction);

GLDEF_C TInt E32Dll(TDllReason)
return KErrNone;

#else //__ARMI__

TInt E32Main()
return CSocketServer::ThreadFunction(NULL);


where is that i went wrong and why do i get such an error..
Thanks and Regards