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    finding the status of socket


    i made a symbian client.in this client i connects to a server and i write a message.while i am writing a message to the server,if the GPRS connection is lost,how can i know whether the data is writen or not.

    this is the code i am using

    RSocketServ iSocketServ;
    RSocket iSocket;

    void CSocket::ConnectL()
    TInetAddr addr;
    if ( addr.Input( KDefaultServerName ) == KErrNone )
    // server name is already a valid ip address
    User::LeaveIfError( iSocket.Open( iSocketServ,
    KProtocolInetTcp ) );
    // Set up address information
    iAddress.SetPort( KDefaultPortNumber );
    iAddress.SetAddress( addr.Address() );
    // Initiate socket connection
    iSocket.Connect( iAddress, iStatus );
    //writing to server
    iSocket.Write(_L8("some temp"), iStatus );

    how can i know whether the socket is connected or failed while connecting or failed while writing

    can any onw help out in this.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: finding the status of socket

    As I understand it, you should implement this as an active object. You can then deal with problems like that in your RunL() function where the socket server will signal disconnection etc.

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    Re: finding the status of socket

    iSocket.Write(..., iStatus)... if the network fails during the Write, corresponding RunL for the iStatus is expected to return the error.

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