Hi experts,I make a POP3 MTM,but have the follow problem:

If I response the value of 0x10008b24, my MTM will generates a item in "Settins" and "Write message". If I don't response this value, my MTM don't gererate one at all, but I needn't to gernerate the item in "Write message" only. Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English.

The QueryCapability function of UI Data MTM as follow:

TInt CPop3Ud::QueryCapability(TUid aCapability, TInt& aResponse ) const
switch (aCapability.iUid)

case 0x10008b24: // for create entry, include:service entry and message entry
// but I needn't my MTM to create message entry

return KErrNone;